Let me just take a moment to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my story….my name is Jason Croce, I am a certified sports nutritionist/ bodybuilder/ strength and conditioning as well as a contest prep coach! At the age of 5 or 6 I started lifting those dumbells that you can adjust by adding water, sand, or rocks as you get stronger…hey, I just wanted to look like He-Man, what can I say!….I continued on to have quite a bit of success in a wide range of sports thru high school, all the while continuing my dedication to the love of training! After high school and suffering a couple of serious injuries I was almost relieved that I was now able to focus solely on building my physique! I won every teenage contest I entered culminating with the lightweight class and Overall Championship at the NPC Teenage Nationals in 2002 (I was recently told, I was, and still am the only lightweight to ever win the overall title, but I have not yet confirmed it myself w/ the NPC). The very next year I immediately through my hat into the NPC National Championships (before there was a welterweight class)…although I placed out of the top 15 and was not happy, I did feel like I was bigger and better than the year prior and I knew I could hold my own on a Men’s National stage so I wasn’t devastated….yet! Without a doubt in hindsight I would have done the Jr. National’s or Jr. USA’s if given the chance to do it over. The next year while vacationing I had a freak accident which caused massive internal bleeding, which required a 5 pint blood transfusion (the human body holds about 8) and a week stint in the hospital…needless to say my training suffered a serious setback! Then in November of 2006 I competed in the NPC All South Bodybuilding Championships in St. Augustine, FL….I won the middleweight class as well as the Overall Championship! Now I was back on my game, right? I thought so anyway….so I decided it was time to try out the West Coast and enter the 2007 NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas! This is where the story takes a turn….5 weeks out I caught an upper respritory infection and even though I took 6th in the welterweight’s I took it really hard!! I felt like I had let everyone down, and that I was a failure…honestly, I still can’t bring myself to look at those photos to this day! Knowing how disappointed I was not being at my best, the gym that I worked and trained at in Ft. Myers, FL took up a collection to pay for my expenses so I could redeem myself at that years National Championships being held in Dallas, TX! Hesistant at first, the sore loser in me took over and I decided to go for it!….after an intense prep I left the airport feeling confident, arrived a few days before the contest, weighed in, no sweat….Thursday night, looking freaky! Friday afternoon prejudge, what happened? I still can’t really answer that question, chalk it up to mis-timing, or nerves, or whatever you want but the bottom line is I choked! This is when things really started to take a toll on me!!! I was absolutely crushed, until then I had never felt anything like it….I thought the post USA’s depression was bad, that was nothing! I continued to beat myself up for a couple years and became almost bitter toward the sport, not that bodybuilding ever did anything to me but I needed something to blame for why I felt so low!….Thank goodness there are great people in my life who saw this decline in me as a person and told me the things I knew but didn’t want to hear or admit….I gave in and went to a Therapist who was amazing at helping me see life from a new perspective, one that I had lost to depression and my own self pity! Which brings us to the present…got my priorities in order, I’m back in the gym training harder than ever and have a wonderful group of athletes that I work with from just about every geaunrah of human performance!….I’m also proud to announce that I have recently teamed up with the supplement superstore Just Add Muscle w/ 2 locations in Cape Coral, FL, where I am available at in person Monday thru Saturday. If you don’t live near bye, no problem, I provided virtually the same services and nutritional guidance via email and/or phone calls….my goal is simpily to share as much REAL science and information as possible, while teaching each client how to systematically apply those principles to themselves in order to acheive their desired results….health and fitness is a lifestyle not a fad! All it takes is discipline, consistent training, and someone to hold you accountable and push you in the right direction! If I positively influence only 1 person….thats a check in the win column as far as I’m concerned!…..stay tuned to the website as we (myself and Just Add Muscle) have some really cool things planned in 2011. I plan to share videos and pictures as well as interviews w/ many of the athlete we sponser and work with on a regular basis!…..Oh, and to answer the question I’m asked most often….I never say never when it comes to getting back on stage! Guess you’ll have to wait and see!!

Thank you & God Bless,
Jason Croce

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