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The basics of beginning any nutrition program (at least a successful one) are virtually the same for everyone… it’s the application of these following principles that change from individual to individual!

– Make a commitment to yourself!

– SET GOALS!  whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly!

– Determine the variables that apply to you personally… activity level, training volume, insulin resistance, body type, etc.

– Determine a general idea of your Lean Body Mass (LBM) the more accurate the better… this is the number you want to base your caloric breakdown on, NOT total body weight… I call that feeding the fat!

– Keep a detailed journal… both food and training!

– Take the extra 2 minutes and measure your portions, otherwise you are playing guessing games… there are many tools available now to simplify this process!

– Become familiar w/ the nutrient values contained in the foods you eat!

– Don’t be afraid to make adjustments if your not changing… allow at least 2 weeks before determining this!

– PLAN AHEAD!!  Prepare food in bulk… invest in a vacuum sealer, zip lock has the hand pump ones in most grocery stores!

– Be accountable for your choices!!!… if you don’t have the will power (very few truly do), get with a reputable nutritionist that you feel comfortable with!!

– General rule of thumb… if your not losing a pound or 2 per week, drop 25 grams of carbs every other day till your body weight starts dropping… on the other hand if your dropping more than 2.5 pounds per week chances are it’s going to include muscle tissue… in which case you must either increase your caloric intake or incorporate supplements such as BCAA’s, trans-alynyl-glutamine, or creatine-glycerol-phosphate to prevent muscle catabolism!

– Lastly… eliminate any thoughts of self doubt… have a support system of loved ones who WANT you to succeed, stay motivated by what motivates YOU whether it’s fitting into an old pair of jeans, training to NOW Thats What I Call Music 42, or winning the Mr. Olympia……… better yourself 4 youself!!!

~Jason Croce