Archive for January 20, 2011

Alright people it’s about that time to start your prep for this years early season shows!  This is a great opportunity to learn exactly how YOUR physique responds to certain changes and to perfect your “pre contest” procedures, more specifically “peak week” as it’s often refered to.  Many of you seasoned competitors can use these earlier shows to re-qualify for the National’s or USA’s if need be… this is even more of a luxury now that a National qualification only lasts a year instead of 2 like it’s been in the past.

So dust off those posing trunks and figure/bikini suits, take a look at the contest calendar and strategically choose your plan of attack and lets begin the assault on achieving your most muscular, conditioned, symmetrical physique of all time!  Embrace the challenge and put the nay sayers to rest!  Stock up on your supplements and even your high end meats (bison, piedmontese beef, ostrich, etc.) at Cape Corals only supplement superstore, Just Add Muscle where we offer the best of the best in every aspect neccessary to take home a coveted Overall Championship!… If you were going to take pitching lessons, would you go to a successful pitcher with World Series experience or someone who has watched a game from the bleachers?  Yeah, me too!

We’ll see you soon, best of luck to all of the athletes out there stay consistant, stay hungry, and stay intense!… what time is it?… GAME TIME!!

-Jason Croce…