Nutritional supplements can play a pivotal role in an individuals progress or lack there of for that matter!  My intent for this post/article is to discuss the benefits of “stacking” particular supplements or products… not to get into the functionality or pathways that make these ingredients beneficial as exogenous enhancements.  Nutritional supplementation is a great way to get missing nutrients that we just can’t get from our foods, at least in the quantities necessary to achieve a desired result.  Also, many of the products that have the ability to enhance the physique are extracted from a particular source and concentrated to levels that just can not be duplicated through actual foods and/or herbs!

Before I continue I’d like to point out that there are always exceptions, and as a whole I am generalizing this strategy I continue to refer to as “supplement stacking”…. having said that,  when it comes to stacking supplements there is a very unique dichotomy that exists here…. in many cases 1 plus 1 doesn’t necessarily equal 2, often 1 plus 1 can equal 3 or 4!  This phenomena is due to the synergistic properties of the chosen products… that’s where the purpose of this article comes into play.  My goal is to give you, the consumer, an idea of which products have the most harmoniously beneficial combination of ingredients.  However, as the title indicates my goal is to focus on the products that often get overlooked (at least from what I see day to day in my work as a Sports Nutritionist)!

Without further ad-due I will give a few of my personal favorite and most affective yet overlooked stacks!

– trans-alynyl-glutamine/karbolyn/creatine-glycerol-phosphate

– vanadyl sulfate/chromate/gymnema sylvestre

– liver care/prostacare/uricare/olive leaf extract (liquid)

-liquid hydrolyzed collegan protein/fish oil/MSM

-AAKG/beta alanine/D-Ribose

-glycerol (glycerine)/sea salt/BCAA’s/waxy maize

~Jason Croce

  1. SaraDonna says:

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    • jasoncroce says:

      Thank you very much! I honestly don’t know where your post might have gone? The only thing I can think of is if the spam guard thing marked it as spam…anyhow to answer your other question…YES! Absolutely you can buy banner space!! Shoot me an email and we’ll arraign something for sure!
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