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1st installment from U.H.P. ebook.

Human beings are arguably the most complex organisms on the planet.  That being said, I plan to highlight what I feel to be the most important topics for the purpose of human performance to make you a better athlete.
    I believe that to understand the needs and requirements of an elite athlete we must first understand the primary purpose and function of the human body.  First and foremost, the human body is designed for survival, we are a survival mechanism.  Having said that we are complex organisms with the built in motivation that is present in every life form to develop our potentials to the fullest extent possible.  It’s not just about survival, but also that all creatures strive to make the very best of their existence.  The body’s organ systems works together to maintain a constant internal environment called homeostasis.  This homeostasis becomes disrupted from the physical and mental stress that our bodies go through when we train, practice, and play sports.  The human body must maintain specific ph levels throughout the blood, organs and  the remaining parts of the body.  For instance, when the ph level of the blood is not within the range of 7.35-7.45 the body must derive compounds from elsewhere to act as a chemical buffer if you will, to maintain a proper ph level.  It is vitally important for the body to maintain blood ph, even a minimal variation in either direction can change the entire electrical chemistry of the body, this will never produce ideal end results.  It’s important to note that the body, as a byproduct of training and exercise creates various acids (most notably lactic acid) therefore, we as athletes need more alkaline compounds.  Thankfully we can combat this through a proper diet with correct nutrient breakdown, and supplementation, I also firmly believe in the benefits of alkaline water.   An even greater benefit of the adaptive nature the human body possesses occurs when put under the physical and mental stress of intense anaerobic training, we respond by repairing ourselves to be bigger, faster, and stronger for the next training session or big game.  Keep in mind that growth refers to an increase in size either through an increase in the number of cells (hyperplasia) or through an increase in the size of each individual cell (hypertrophy).  In order for growth to transpire, anabolic processes must occur at a faster rate than catabolic processes.  The human body works on an as needed basis.  We as athletes have a much greater caloric expenditure and higher rate of muscle tissue breakdown than the average individual therefore requiring a greater amount of macro and micronutrients for proper growth and repair.