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Quickfire Q & A…..

You asked for it, no literally…I’ve selected a handful of questions from emails, gym conversations, clients, and general inquiries that I’m asked most often.  To keep it interesting and fun (for those reading and myself), I narrowed it down to the questions that don’t require a long explanation, plus some that are just fun to think about!

Q: How much do you bench?

A: Just kidding…making sure I have your attention!!

Q: What key points do you find most important when trying to reduce body fat?

A: **Manage blood glucose; **Hydration (alkaline water should be included if poss.); **Hold yourself accountable; **Motivation/Passion/Goal Setting/Visualization; **Consistent hard work

Q: What 5 supplements will you never be without?

A: **Quality Whey Protein; **Vitamin (Ester) C; **Vitamin D(3); **Omega-3 Fish Oil; **Sea Salt (I use it liberally, 27 minerals that your body can actually use)

Q: If forced to choose only 1 exercise to use in your training, which would it be?

A: Deadlifts

Q: What kind of music do you train to?

A: Ideally…Nothing but the clang’n of the iron!  To answer the question, I’m definitely not into the heavy metal stuff, it makes me over stimulated and I can’t think straight…I prefer to slow the mind down and focus on the muscles!  Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, pretty much anything Motown too!!

Q: Most common mistake you see people make in the gym?

A: People walking through the doors without a PLAN!

Q: Do you use any lifting equipment? Gloves, belt, wraps, etc..

A: Belts bother me!  I prefer to feel the weights, so no gloves!  I use straps for maybe 3 or 4 total sets ea. week(back movements)!  Wraps just take to long and I prefer to do my heavy compounds at the end of my training session to avoid the stress on my joints!

Q: What exercises did you do in your most recent shoulder training routine?

A: Reverse Pec Dec; Wide grip upright rows (stopping at bottom of pec’s); Behind the Neck Hammer Strength Press; Front raises (only do these every 3rd wk or so); Lateral raises (as many sets as it takes to completely engorge the muscle with blood, short rest between sets…I DO NOT count sets & reps on these)….Note: I typically do rear delts and traps w/ back, this particular workout I threw in rears w/ shoulders.

Q: What is your favorite “dieting” meal?

A: Grilled Sirloin; Roasted Red Potatoes; Mixed Greens w/ Romaine, Spinach leaves, Kale, Sprouts, and cucumbers

Q: Favorite cheat meal?

A: This is a toss up…it depends what I’m craving but it’s usually Pizza (not from those chains either, quality pizza!) or Chinese!


Yes or No’s…Plus one word answer questions…

Q: Do you recommend your clients set an alarm to have a shake in the middle of the night?


Q: Do you agree w/the statement, “A calorie is a calorie?”

A: NO (emphatically)

Q: Will Jay Cutler win another Olympia title?


Q: Who is Phil Heath’s biggest threat to take the title?

A: Evan (Centopani)…but not for a few years yet!

Q: Do you like the new IFBB points system?  Is there anything you’d change?

A: YES…I’d like to see a page out of the NASCAR book and have an overall points champion

Q: What pro athlete do you think would make the best bodybuilder? One current and one retired?

A: Retired- Bo Jackson…Current- Brian Cushing (Texans), although I’d love to see what Dwight Howard would look like if he trained/ate like a bb’er! FREAK

Q: Who or what was your bodybuilding inspiration as a child?

A: He-Man and Thunder Cats

Q: Favorite physique of all time?

A: That’s a tough one…I’d have to go with Lee Labrada (of course a shorter bb’er), but if I had to pick one guy @ one contest I’d go with Danny Padilla @ the 81′ Olympia!

Q: Ever a chance you’ll get on stage again?