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Motivation & Visualization through Thoughts.

Motivation & Visualization through Thoughts

I certainly don’t know it all…matter of fact I don’t know much!  None the less, the following is a compilation of what I DO know, test the techniques out and if they work, Awesome!  If they have no business in your quest to attain Ultimate Human Performance…forget’m!  Use and apply what works for YOU!

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”  ~Albert Einstein

I Think!  Therefore I am…

– Thoughts can be measured.

– The skull is by no means solid…look at a human skull, eye sockets, nasal openings, mouth, ears, etc…

– Bone under a microscope resembles a honeycomb structure.

– It’s naive to think our thoughts stay with-in the confounds of our skulls.

– Whether you realize it or not you receive outside thoughts.  Don’t think so??…Ever have a bad vibe about something?  Ever get good vibes?  Ever say to yourself, “I just don’t have a good feeling about this” or “My gut feeling is…this or that?”  Do you think it’s an accident when, no matter what you do or how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get another person off your mind? When everything you see reminds you of that individual?  Then, out of the blue, without fail, next thing you know you’ve either received a new voicemail from that person or you just so happen to bump into them at the supermarket days later!?  Think about…

– The vibes you receive are thoughts from elsewhere which you’re tuned into via the frequencies you emit through your thoughts.  This is analogous to finding the proper station on your radio dial.

– The key here is to stay on a positive, motivated, loving frequency with your thoughts.  Doing so will manifest good things into your life, as well as inspire you to accomplish all your current goals and the greater goals you’ll strive for once you’ve mastered this thought process.  When an individual consistently gives off good vibes (without expectation of reward or payment) it ONLY allows that individual to attract vibes on a similar frequency…a frequency that is positive and motivating.  One that puts you into a productive, assertive, confident state of mind for the task at hand.

– What does this have to do with Ultimate Human Performance?………EVERYTHING!!

– To perform your best, you must feel your best!  Both mentally and physically.

– You must believe you can do anything if you put forth the consistent effort and hard work.

– You must surround yourself with positive people, Period!  We’re a product of our surroundings…Likes attract Likes!!

– Nobody wants to be around, let alone help, anybody who constantly gives off negative vibes.

– People help people who help themselves…If YOU don’t show 100% effort, why would anyone else help you with 100% of their efforts?

What Motivates You…

– Tony Robbins advocates NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming), while I am by no means an authority on the subject, I do know that it works!!  And it CAN work for you if you keep an open mind to the following…

– I know that when reminiscing of my days play’n ball or telling stories of my experiences winning bodybuilding titles.  I instantly begin to remember specific sights, smells, sounds, and the same emotions I felt during those times.   By this point I feel as if I can move mountains!

– Incorporate placing yourself in a particular moment when you’ve felt empowered, confident, focused, intense, etc…if the circumstances require something different, simply place yourself in a moment of tranquility, serenity, or calmness.  Or whatever the situation calls for.

– The more vivid the recollection the greater those feelings become in the present.  Personally, I use this technique while sitting in my car, before entering the gym.

– Fit your “self-programming” to the circumstances.  If you’re about to give a big speech, you may not want to recall the time you were in the mosh pit at a Metallica concert (save that for leg day).

– If not memory recall, perhaps music, a movie, poem, or book will put you in the ideal mind frame to approach the task at hand.


– Here I’m not referring to past events, although you should be using visualization techniques when utilizing the aforementioned practices.

– Visualize yourself conquering the task at hand, whether it be a new PR on the squat or acing a Mid-term.

– Be as detailed as possible of the visual picture you’re painting in your mind.

– DON’T visualize failure!!!!  Why??  Thoughts manifest into actions.  This works both ways depending on your beliefs, or visual beliefs rather.  Seeing yourself excelling or you failing is what WILL happen!

– “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”  My variation to this quote would be something to this effect, “Whether you visualize doing or can’t doing, you’re right.”

– Like anything it takes practice as well as trial and error, as you become more accustomed to these techniques you’ll recognize how the principles outlined here cross over into every aspect of your life.

– Harness the powers you possess and reap the rewards of happiness, health, financial success, the body you’ve always desired and anything in the realm of your imagination can be yours!

**Please give feedback if you’ve used any of these practices, if anyone has input or testimonials as to the legitimacy of Power thru Thoughts and Visualization plus contribute.  As I said I DO NOT know much, if anybody has effective techniques they’ve used in their quest for Ultimate Human Performance….Please share!