Who Said That?…...

  1. Ashley says:

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  2. Shaun says:

    auth h istoria fatianei metaforika alhthinh.einai enas tropos na deiksoume thn shmerinh pragmatikothta h mallon auth pou zoume edw kai 2011 xronia.me th gnwsh tha mporousame na fygoume apo auth thn kyriarxia twn ksenwn lawn.autoi omws exoune kai megalo strato ,se periptwsh polemou den kserw ti tha kaname an kai teleutaia diavasa oti exoume eksoplismo meta tis U.S.A no2 isxyro.an einai alhteia poios kserei giati mas afhsane na diathetoume toso poly eksoplismo.

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