So you wanna transform your physique, huh!?

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Nutrition & Fitness

So, you wanna transform your physique huh!?  Well…in order to do so effectively, one must have some direction and accountability to fully maximize results while minimizing the amount of time it takes to achieve the ultimate goal!  The following is a working outline anyone can follow, these principles carry over into all aspects of life and can be quite powerful, not only in transforming a person’s physique, but in transforming people’s lives!  I’ll admit…I’m selfish like everyone else, I have goals and I’m determined to achieve them!  The following is really just a check list I run through as a reminder to myself…sometimes it’s daily, other times once a week works well, and when I’m on a roll once a month seems to do the trick!  Everyone’s different…take from this one tip or all of them, incorporate what’s realistic and in unison with what you’re trying to accomplish!  These are techniques and principles I’m deeply passionate about, and with them I truly believe…Impossible is Nothing!

1)  Have a definite chief aim!- Define your goals…put them in writing (putting goals in writing holds people accountable)…be as clear and detailed as possible when writing out goals…have short and long term goals, and keep in mind goals are subject to change!  For the right reasons that is, not because it may seem unattainable at the time or out of shear laziness…Dream Big!  Reach for the stars!  Use any cliche saying you’d like…just DO IT!

2)  Visualization- I’m going to describe a visualization technique that I personally find extremely powerful and deeply moving.  I say this not just in reference to myself, rather having bore witness to the humanizing power (sometimes to the point of tears) contained in this exercise when others try it and a whole hearted effort is made, it’s life changing!!  Okay, so sit in a quiet, relaxing area some prefer a darker area while others prefer a lighter place…the premise is the same either way, just make sure you have no distractions as you will need to close your eyes for a chunk of time.  From this point, with eyes closed picture or visualize yourself standing in line to buy tickets to a movie…the title of the movie is The Fantastic and Amazing Life Story of______(insert your name)!!   Sit in the front row of the theater and watch the scenes of the movie in great detail…add another level of believability to your movie by describing the story out loud, better yet with another person listening!  Remember, this is a movie about you…make it as elaborate, detailed, and amazing as your mind can conceive!  Hopefully this makes the possibility of your dreams and goals more of a reality to you and gives you a clear, concise plan of attack to achieving anything you truly desire and WORK hard for!

3)  Structure and Balance- By structure I’m referring to creating good habits…creating good habits starts with bringing structure to all aspects of your day to day life!  Time management is a good synonym for structure.  However, in the context I’m using the word, I feel the term structure encapsulates all that a fitness-centric lifestyle entails!  Preparing meals, weighing and measuring food, putting it all in tupperware, packing supplements for the day, planning training sessions (intelligently), finding the time to train, for cardio, time for work, the wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend, kids possibly, etc etc etc. they all require structure…daily structure and time management!  “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!”  Balance as well can easily be interchanged with the term, time management!  Balance is what I personally find the most challenging aspect to integrate into my daily life when in contest prep mode!  When I speak of balance, I mean it as harmony…nobody can always be “in the zone” (I’ve experimented to the ultimate extreme on several occasions), sometimes people need an outlet for their outlet, if that makes any sense!  I can’t stress enough how important it is to find harmony or balance in life if you plan on having long term success en route to accomplishing all your fitness goals.  Not only is it critical for the relationships in your life to remain healthy, whether it be friends, family, co-workers, significant other, etc. but it’s equally important to your own mental state!  “Have outlets for your outlets!”

4)  Be consistent- Rome wasn’t built in a day!….It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon…It’s the journey, not the destination…..Insert the cliche of your choice!!  Just be consistent!!

5) Eliminate Variables- This ties into #4…When you eliminate variables and remain consistent it gives you a greater ability to know what’s doing what.  This is especially important when making changes in the macronutrient amounts and supplement changes!  This leads me to my next point on the list…..

6) Keep Detailed Records- Get a notebook!..Chart your nutrition intake, log your workouts (particularly if you’re a beginner), make detailed notes as to how you feel after certain meals, energy levels, training intensity, fullness, body fat accumulation, weight fluctuations, body temperature first thing in the morning, be as detailed as possible…note changes to the body when specific variables change to either nutrition and/or supplementation!  This is a fool proof plan in reality, if you keep track of everything, I promise you ALL the answers will be at your disposal at all times!!  

7)  Just Start!!!!!!!  Period….

I’ve blended the above principles with the obstacles a fitness enthusiast may encounter!  The more I reflect on them though, I realize how applicable these are to everyone in any field on any subject!  I challenge you to put some of these tactics into play in your daily routine…just see what happens, I think you’ll impress yourself! ;))

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