•    Michael Jordan had one!

    •    Tiger Woods has one!

    •    Albert Pujols has one!

    •    Peyton Manning has one!

Okay, so what’s the “ONE” thing great athletes, CEO’s, World Leaders, and basically all successful people have in common?…A Coach!  As this blog grows (A special thanks to you guys who have been a part of that growth!) I believe it’s necessary to provide a clearly defined purpose.  It’s safe to say most successful people have a coach or coaches even, for different areas of their lives.  You all know what this blog is about (read the “About” if not) and I have a challenge of sorts which I hope you’ll embrace, and in doing so, I truly believe your life can improve dramatically….overnight.  The purpose of this blog is to coach, coach who?… Coach YOU!!  The following is the description Anthony Robbins gives in regards to what a coach is, and does.  I think it’s brilliant, yet simply worded and I couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂 and btw, that “challenge” is issued in the last sentence of the following description.   

What do coaches do?  Well, first, they care about you.  They’ve spent years focusing on an area of expertise, and they’ve continued to make key distinctions about how to produce results more quickly.  By utilizing the strategies your coach shares with you, you can immediately and dramatically change your performance.  Sometimes, your coach doesn’t even tell you something new, but reminds you of what you already know and then gets you to do it…. This is the role, with your permission, that I’ll be playing for you.”  ~A. Robbins

So that I may coach you to the best of my abilities, I encourage you to subscribe by entering your email address in the provided space to the left.  By subscribing you’ll be able to receive articles as they’re posted and improve you’re results that very day!  As I myself, am in constant search of ways to refine and perfect such abilities through research and the never ending quest for knowledge, as human performance is not just a passion of mine, I feel it’s my life’s purpose.  Thus, providing YOU the BENEFITS of applied knowledge, structured guidance, and continuous motivation.  

Thank you, I appreciate all of you!!
~ Jason Croce

Feedback and Interaction is greatly appreciated! Thx

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