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English: Jadever Body Fat Scale. Old version o...

English: Jadever Body Fat Scale. Old version of model JH 01. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 Steps Necessary to Successfully Alter Body Composition

The key to achieving your ideal body composition is to direct the body to use it’s stored fat to supply the extra calories needed to sustain or build muscle.  While simultaneously reducing your fat stores, this is essentially building or sustaining muscle at the expense of your body fat.

The following step by step outline will allow you to lose body fat while increasing or preserving lean muscle tissue.  A noticeable change will occur in your physical appearance every three to four weeks.

Step 1:  Proper Food Intake

A below-maintenance level diet will create a need for the body to utilize stored calories (body fat)

Step 2:  Proper Aerobic/Cardiovascular Activity

             As a result of the below-maintenance level diet, cardiovascular activity is necessary to mobilize stored calories (body fat)

Step 3: Proper Food Supplementation

Due to the increase in cardiovascular activity and the decrease in caloric intake, supplementation can provide an above maintenance level of nutrients- without adding calories- therefore allowing the body to utilize it’s stored calories.


Step 4: Proper Weight Training Program

             Through anaerobic training, the body will create the need to maintain or increase lean muscle tissue if it is provided the necessary nutrients (food, supplements) and calories (food, body fat).


Step 5: Systematic Application of Steps 1-4

             As the body changes and adapts, the diet, exercise and supplementation must also change.  When the proper program is established and implemented, genetic predisposition will determine an individuals rate of body composition change and the amount of work necessary to achieve your fitness goals.

The aforementioned steps will allow you to simultaneously lose body fat, while sustaining or building lean muscle tissue.  As a result, it is possible to favorably alter the body’s composition.  However, once the body adapts to the diet, exercise and supplementation program, it must be altered in order for the body to continue to improve.  For example, if you wish to decrease body fat, then it’s necessary to increase your aerobic and anaerobic activity.  The increase in lean muscle requires an increase in calories and nutrients.  If this does not occur, then the body WILL reach a plateau!