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What the heck is a snack anyways? How many calories is it outside today?.

Pancreas…Insulin…Body Fat! Ohh My!!.

Who Said That?…...

    One of my early mentors in bodybuilding used a phrase to explain ones relationship w/ the scale.  “The scale doesn’t lie, but it sure don’t tell the truth!”  How is that possible!??  Allow me to start by tackling the age old question- “What’s the difference between losing weight and losing fat?”  The common belief is that if you simply reduce your caloric intake you will lose weight and change your body composition.  This approach becomes flawed very quickly!

“Action is the fundamental key to all success.” -Pablo Picasso

    When the body experiences a continual decrease in caloric intake, it will lose both fat and muscle.  As a result, the numbers on the scale will drop twice as quickly.  However, muscle comprises a machinery necessary to burn fat.  If you lose this fat burning machinery, your body will not be able to maintain the weight loss (less muscle = fewer calories burned).
When attempting to lose “weight” the primary goal is the retention or increase of the present lean muscle tissue, which will enable you to burn more fat and eat more food.  Typically, when designing a weight loss program often times people initially state that they won’t be able to consume the amount of food recommended.  However, it generally does not take long for most clients to become accustomed to, and enjoy the quantity of food.  Additionally, the elevation in caloric intake becomes necessary in order to increase lean muscle mass.  As previously stated…by increasing your lean muscle tissue this will increase ones ability to burn fat!

“Believe in yourself!  Have faith in your abilities!  Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” -Norman Vincent Peale

Bottom Line…
Accomplishing muscle hypertrophy and/or body fat reduction requires continual manipulation of food consumed (potential energy measured in calories) and food used (work measured in calories).  When these two factors are equal (energy balance), there is no change in body mass.  This is also the state the body constantly strives to maintain.  In other words, every time the human body experiences an energy imbalance (mandatory for body mass change) it’s job is to bring the energy back into balance.  The body accomplishes this by adapting to the exercise and/or energy input (diet) and ultimately reaches a plateau.  At this point, an adjustment must be made in the energy output (exercise) and/or energy input (diet), if progress is desired.  The bodies obligatory response to energy imbalance creates the need for continual manipulation of food and work in order to achieve continuous progress.
The key to favorably altering body composition is to direct the body to use it’s stored fat to supply the extra calories needed to sustain or build muscle, therefore, simultaneously reducing the fat stores.  This is building or sustaining muscle at the expense of body fat.  This is the art and science (the fun stuff) of favorably altering body composition until you reach your goal.

People Don’t Plan to Fail… They Fail to Plan!.

Motivation & Visualization through Thoughts.

Motivation & Visualization through Thoughts

I certainly don’t know it all…matter of fact I don’t know much!  None the less, the following is a compilation of what I DO know, test the techniques out and if they work, Awesome!  If they have no business in your quest to attain Ultimate Human Performance…forget’m!  Use and apply what works for YOU!

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”  ~Albert Einstein

I Think!  Therefore I am…

– Thoughts can be measured.

– The skull is by no means solid…look at a human skull, eye sockets, nasal openings, mouth, ears, etc…

– Bone under a microscope resembles a honeycomb structure.

– It’s naive to think our thoughts stay with-in the confounds of our skulls.

– Whether you realize it or not you receive outside thoughts.  Don’t think so??…Ever have a bad vibe about something?  Ever get good vibes?  Ever say to yourself, “I just don’t have a good feeling about this” or “My gut feeling is…this or that?”  Do you think it’s an accident when, no matter what you do or how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get another person off your mind? When everything you see reminds you of that individual?  Then, out of the blue, without fail, next thing you know you’ve either received a new voicemail from that person or you just so happen to bump into them at the supermarket days later!?  Think about…

– The vibes you receive are thoughts from elsewhere which you’re tuned into via the frequencies you emit through your thoughts.  This is analogous to finding the proper station on your radio dial.

– The key here is to stay on a positive, motivated, loving frequency with your thoughts.  Doing so will manifest good things into your life, as well as inspire you to accomplish all your current goals and the greater goals you’ll strive for once you’ve mastered this thought process.  When an individual consistently gives off good vibes (without expectation of reward or payment) it ONLY allows that individual to attract vibes on a similar frequency…a frequency that is positive and motivating.  One that puts you into a productive, assertive, confident state of mind for the task at hand.

– What does this have to do with Ultimate Human Performance?………EVERYTHING!!

– To perform your best, you must feel your best!  Both mentally and physically.

– You must believe you can do anything if you put forth the consistent effort and hard work.

– You must surround yourself with positive people, Period!  We’re a product of our surroundings…Likes attract Likes!!

– Nobody wants to be around, let alone help, anybody who constantly gives off negative vibes.

– People help people who help themselves…If YOU don’t show 100% effort, why would anyone else help you with 100% of their efforts?

What Motivates You…

– Tony Robbins advocates NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming), while I am by no means an authority on the subject, I do know that it works!!  And it CAN work for you if you keep an open mind to the following…

– I know that when reminiscing of my days play’n ball or telling stories of my experiences winning bodybuilding titles.  I instantly begin to remember specific sights, smells, sounds, and the same emotions I felt during those times.   By this point I feel as if I can move mountains!

– Incorporate placing yourself in a particular moment when you’ve felt empowered, confident, focused, intense, etc…if the circumstances require something different, simply place yourself in a moment of tranquility, serenity, or calmness.  Or whatever the situation calls for.

– The more vivid the recollection the greater those feelings become in the present.  Personally, I use this technique while sitting in my car, before entering the gym.

– Fit your “self-programming” to the circumstances.  If you’re about to give a big speech, you may not want to recall the time you were in the mosh pit at a Metallica concert (save that for leg day).

– If not memory recall, perhaps music, a movie, poem, or book will put you in the ideal mind frame to approach the task at hand.


– Here I’m not referring to past events, although you should be using visualization techniques when utilizing the aforementioned practices.

– Visualize yourself conquering the task at hand, whether it be a new PR on the squat or acing a Mid-term.

– Be as detailed as possible of the visual picture you’re painting in your mind.

– DON’T visualize failure!!!!  Why??  Thoughts manifest into actions.  This works both ways depending on your beliefs, or visual beliefs rather.  Seeing yourself excelling or you failing is what WILL happen!

– “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”  My variation to this quote would be something to this effect, “Whether you visualize doing or can’t doing, you’re right.”

– Like anything it takes practice as well as trial and error, as you become more accustomed to these techniques you’ll recognize how the principles outlined here cross over into every aspect of your life.

– Harness the powers you possess and reap the rewards of happiness, health, financial success, the body you’ve always desired and anything in the realm of your imagination can be yours!

**Please give feedback if you’ve used any of these practices, if anyone has input or testimonials as to the legitimacy of Power thru Thoughts and Visualization plus contribute.  As I said I DO NOT know much, if anybody has effective techniques they’ve used in their quest for Ultimate Human Performance….Please share!

Quickfire Q & A…..

Long story short….as we age the amount of fluid (mainly H2O) between the Dermis (bottom layer of skin) and the Epidermis (top layer) decrease over time due to Chronological, as well as environmental aging. As the fluid reduction progresses, so does the aging process of the skin. Optimal skin hydration is essential for a number of reasons; for one having an increased amount of surface area between the layers of skin allows for greater circulation, nutrient delivery, waste product removal (free radicals), as well as a faster turn over rate in which new skin cells are regenerated, creating a more full, supple look to the skin itself  thus removing, if not eliminate the signs of wrinkles.
At this point you may be asking yourself, “How can I prevent and/or eliminate the signs of aging and wrinkles with out breaking the bank or going through a 10 step process which just isn’t realistic for the average person?”
GLYCERIN; Being both hygoscopic and hydrophilic by nature gives glycerin the unique ability to draw moisture from the surrounding environment as well as moisture from within the body to hydrate the aforementioned layers of the skin.  Glycerin has countless applications in many forms, for many reasons.  For anti-aging and skin health purposes I’ll be referring only to pure glycerin which can be found in the cosmetic section of most retailers.

Applied topically glycerin acts as a super hydrating emollient and even has anti-microbial properties.  My personal preference is to create a glycerin solution mixed in a travel size spritzer bottle (I recommend using an alkaline water to dilute the glycerin into a solution).  Once you’ve mixed the solution simply spray a light layer of mist over the face and neck and allow it to air dry (it’s not necessary to create a thick greasy layer with the glycerin solution).  Another very affective and important time to use the mixture is after prolonged exposure to the elements such as the sun, wind, arid climates, etc. or anytime rapid skin hydration is a must!

This is very much a “cliff notes” version of skin health and the aging processes that occur, as well as, the measures we each can take to ensure the healthiest, youngest, most vibrant looking skin possible.  None the less give this simple, inexpensive, practical way of optimizing skin hydration a try and you’ll notice a definitive new radiance to your skin for pennies on the dollar compared to the over promising, under delivering products that flood the market daily!!

2011… contest prep time is here!.