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What the heck is a snack anyways? How many calories is it outside today?.

Delicious Low Carb Meal- Stuffed Red Peppers!!.

Hydrolyzed or Hydrosylated Collagen is all the rage right now in the supplement, as well as anti-aging industries respectively… but what is it really? Hydrolyzed Collagen (HC) is a highly digestible, and highly bio available protein mainly extracted from the bones and skin of Porcine, Bovine, and Fish origin. Collagen protein contains 20 amino acids, including 8 of 9 essential amino acids (contains no tryptophan)… It seems that the swine (porcine) source based collagen protein works best with humans, most likely due to the amino acid profile of swine collagen being more closely related to that of humans.
I won’t detail or document each specific case or study but there have been numerous studies conducted to determine HC has significant benefits in the following areas:
1) As mentioned there is rarely digestive issues
2) Skin Health
3) Joint & Bone Health
4) Nutrition
5) Cosmetics
with Joint & Bone Health being the most heavily studied of all the areas!
My Personal Review and Findings:
I experimented with dosages ranging from 1oz (15g) to 6oz (90g)… I find that 1-2oz taken at once or divided doses per day, either upon wake or between meals is what I find to be the most effective. I personally did not find any greater benefit w/6oz than I do w/2oz. When I did use 6oz per day I basically just used 2oz, 3X’s a day in place of my whey protein. When using lesser amounts I take 1-2oz in the morning on an empty stomach, this method has done wonders for my joints & tendon/ligament health and strength as well as my skin! I have completely eliminated my glucosamine and chondroitin from my supplement regiment… when it comes to joint health; tendon and ligament strength; and skin elasticity coupled with the cosmetic benefits, HC is second to none!!… with regards to the muscle building properties, it’s hard for me to say I found it to be all that beneficial. I’ve gotta believe that by only containing 8 of 9 essential amino acids, this must play a role in hindering significant muscle growth… however I honestly don’t believe that I used it long enough at the higher amounts to make this conclusion!… all in all, I can see why this product has warranted such a high demand and if you have any joint pain or want more youthful looking and feeling skin than you should seriously consider giving Hydrolyzed Collagen a try!